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Holistic Health & Wellness

Would you like to feel and look healthy, young, fit, and full of energy? Come in and learn about evidence-based rejuvenation strategies designed to restore optimal wellness and keep the mark of time, stress, and pain away.

Holistic Health-Wellness-Disease Management

Commit to get healthy...naturally! An integrative approach to healthcare - without the "side effects"

"PerfCollingewheelect health is about perfect balance of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual self." If your body is out of balance, seek ways to rebalance by supplementing for the deficiency, Raise your immune system, reduce your toxins, manage your sress, keep your energy systems cleansed, energized and in tune for optimal health-wellness-disease management.

Each one of us is unique and needs a integrated, customized, protocol based system in todays fast paced times. Jaya Pancholy will help create a personal health-wellness plan for you using biofeedback technologies, energy medicine modalities, nutrition-supplement guidance, specialized training and knowledge.

Make your appointment for health-wellness, pain management, sleep and other disorders, relationship issues, trauma, emotional issues, cancer, heart problems, diabetes, auto-immune diseases etc. Ready to get started? Schedule your Appointment Here.

Holistic Medicine treats the whole person, using holistic healing, nutrition and herbs to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. As a Holistic Health Practitioner I integrate different natural healing (naturopathic) therapies into appropriate health programs and offer techniques in the field of mind/body healing for better health the natural way. This is accomplished by evaluating an individual’s diet and lifestyle- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, bio-energetic and socio-cultural dimensions

Code of Ethics - Jaya Pancholy

  • Practice the healing power of "drugless" methodologies;

  • Practice to do no harm;

  • Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct;

  • Refuse to participate in unethical procedures;

  • Promise to be aware of, and abide by all state and local laws;

  • To be honest with my clients, offering the best products, services, and information possible;

  • To be ready to consult and seek the talents of other health care professionals when such consultation would benefit my client;

  • Do not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law;

  • To be up-to-date on all information I give my clients, and to continue my education.

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