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Pranic Healing

choa kok suiPranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruach or the Breath of Life in Hebrew.

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. It is based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force that is readily available from the sun, air and ground to address physical & emotional imbalances.

Master Choa Kok Sui says "Life Energy or prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of Life Energy. Based on this principle, a healer can draw in Pranic Energy or Life Energy from the surroundings."

hand energyPranic Healing requires no drugs, gadgets, not even physical contact with the subject. Physical contact is not required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body. This energy body, or aura, is the mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is the energy body that absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic Healing works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body.

This pervasive energy that surrounds, interpenetrates and sustains the physical body, also affects our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships and even finances.

Master Choa Kok Sui developed Pranic Healing as a comprehensive System of energy medicine to improve the quality of our every day lives. The courses offered are designed to give a person a well-rounded education in Energy Healing and other Esoteric Sciences. These courses are offered throughout the World.

What Can Pranic Healing Do For You?

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing are the result of energy imbalances. These energy imbalances are congestion or depletion in the aura, chakras, organs or energy meridians and underlie all your physical, emotional & spiritual disorders.

Pranic Healing is a protocol based system and also helps with:

  • Relief of symptoms and relief of pain
  • Health support & maintenance
  • Strengthening your energetic framework to make the changes you seek in your life
  • Plus easy to learn self-healing techniques.

Pranic Healing Session available at Jaya Pancholy’s office or can be done remotely

Note: All remote (distance) session payments are made prior to the session.

  • Pranic/Energy Healing Remote / In-Office Session: $150/One Hour

  • Pranic/Energy Facial: $200/One Hour

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