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Pranic Healing is a Way of Life

Pranic healing is the no touch therapy for healing all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, financial and relationship problems

Pranic Healing Consultant Service

What Can Pranic Healing Do For You?

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing are the result of energy imbalances. These energy imbalances are congestion or depletion in the aura, chakras, organs or energy meridians and underlie all your physical, emotional & spiritual disorders.

Pranic Healing is a protocol based system and also helps with:

  • Relief of symptoms and relief of pain
  • Health support & maintenance
  • Strengthening your energetic framework to make the changes you seek in your life
  • Plus easy to learn self-healing techniques.

Pranic Healing Session available at Jaya Pancholy’s office or can be done remotely

Note: All remote (distance) session payments are made prior to the session.

  • Pranic/Energy Healing Remote / In-Office Session: $150/One Hour

  • Pranic/Energy Facial: $200/One Hour

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